Welcome to Whiting Hill School

A Unique Elementary School (1-6) in Southern NH
Dedicated to Educating Children since 1984

Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all
— Aristotle

Whiting Hill School provides an environment of encouragement and cooperation in which a multi-aged group of children learn and play together.

Art, music, handwork and study of the natural world are interwoven throughout the academic curriculum.

The small class size enables the teachers to meet each student's individual needs.

Learn Together

Children are given an opportunity to grow and learn in a small community where discussion and ‘as it happens’ learning is encouraged.
— A parent of former students

Language arts, science, mathematics, social studies and foreign languages are surrounded with the artistic endeavors of art, music and drama, which give depth to the learning experience.

Play Together

We’re impressed with how well Whiting Hill School balances a strong academic focus with a friendly environment. Because our children have been given the freedom to explore their creative and playful sides, they’ve grown to love school and learning.
— Parents of current and former students

Whether picking cranberries in the bog, building a lean-to in the woods, or playing a vigorous game of Capture the Flag in the field, children's play is important work.

Grow Together

I appreciate my relatively unique early education (1st - 6th grade), for I feel that it has helped me think differently. The personal attention that each student receives along with the relationships that are built between the teacher, the students and their peers, creates an ideal learning circumstance. I attribute more than just my academic success to my years spent learning at Whiting Hill School.
— A former student

Aiyana, Age 7

Aiyana, Age 13

At Whiting Hill School, children mature academically, physically and emotionally, becoming more and more secure in the knowledge of who they are, as well as coming to an understanding of a world beyond themselves.